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Our blog, Outsourcing Insights, is written by members of our leadership team and provides practical, expert advice for contact center professionals — all from an operator’s perspective.

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Top 10 Transparent BPO Blog Posts of 2019

by Paul Chaney As the curtain closes on 2019, we wanted to highlight the most popular blog posts of the year. They cover a wide range of topics, from quality monitoring to call center outsourcing to agent training to customer experience and more. Most were penned by members of our…

Top 10 blog posts of 2019


How Market Saturation Affects Contact Center Site Selection Decisions [infographic]

This post — part three of our Expert Interview Series — features Brett Bayduss, Partner, Site Selection Group. Market saturation is one critical factor brands must consider when making contact center site selection decisions. The employee attrition, wage inflation, and hiring challenges due to increased competition that often…

How Market Saturation Affects Contact Center Site Selection Decisions


Where Transparent BPO Will Be in 2018

Transparent BPO is continuing our engagement with and contribution to the BPO contact center outsourcing industry this year through attendance at several upcoming conferences. We will take the new insights we come back with and implement within our Belize call centers and share them with our customers as well. We look…