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We understand the enormous value of keeping your customers satisfied, and we’re here to support your brand throughout the customer lifecycle.

Whether your company needs superior customer service, an aggressive sales team, or a technical helpdesk, Transparent BPO has the talent you can rely on. Our in-depth training and management system ensures we can meet and exceed your company’s expectations. We offer an array of inbound voice services designed to support your business goals.

Customer Service
Your company will gain a reputation — either good or bad — based on the level of customer service you provide. With onsite training and real-time monitoring of your customers’ calls, we make sure your customer service achieves the highest standard. Just stand back and watch your CSAT and NPS scores rise!

Customer Retention
Good customer relations means customer retention. During critical times when a customer is dissatisfied with your product or service, you need the absolute top customer service and empathy. We look at customer retention as customer education informing customers on unknown features, qualities, and benefits they would be missing if they switched

You don’t need your outsourced contact center to only answer customer service calls; you also need agents who know how to convert calls into sales. Our years of sales management experience have made this a core competency, and we have trained our agents with the customer acquisition skills needed to do the job right, regardless of the product or service you want to sell.

Order Placement
Do you have a product that requires more order taking than actual sales? We collect your customer’s information quickly and accurately and deliver it to you in a timely way. We also store our data on secure servers to guarantee the safety of your customers’ sensitive information.

Repair Order Processing
All companies make mistakes, but what sets them apart is their response. We can take your calls and set up a systematic return process that sends your customers a return label while they are on the phone.

Billing Disputes
Billing disputes can escalate at times. Having an agent who knows how to relate to your customer and handle the situation is essential to providing exceptional service. Regardless of the issue, Transparent can help your customers find the correct solution.

Appointment Settings
When employers factor in the cost of employee salaries, benefits, payroll taxes, management, and training, a job that pays $10 an hour job can run upwards of $20. That’s one reason more medical practices, contractors, and independent sales agents are outsourcing their appointment setting. We can integrate with your current system and route your inbound calls to our phone bank and schedule your client’s next visit.

IT Helpdesk
Providing IT support can be extremely challenging. Our highly-skilled team of technicians can assist your customers with their needs, guiding them to a solution to their problem every step of the way.

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