About Us

Building relationships openly, authentically, passionately.

Contact center solutions designed to exceed your expectations.

Every experience with your brand makes a difference. And interactions with your contact center is no exception.

Our BPO Contact Center Leadership Team

Our Leadership

Everyone at Transparent BPO is invested in seeing you succeed. We’re a diverse group that shares your values and is willing to work hard to get the job done right.

Transparent BPO contact center philosophy

Our Philosophy

Your business is our business, and we want to see it succeed. We embrace your brand and actively look for ways to optimize your customer service.

BPO Contact center agent at work

Our Mission

Our passion is the success of your brand.

Transparent BPO contact center agent engagement

Our Culture

A passionate contact center culture with engaged employees means less turnover and better results.

Transparent BPO contact center technology

Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art system and IT support mean we can deliver seamless integration with your brand, providing a transparent relationship between the contact center and client.

Transparent BPO Seaside Contact Center

Our Locations

Our contact centers are located in Belize, and we have work-at-home operations in the Philippines. We chose these geographies for their native English speakers, cultural affinity, and customer-friendly climates.

Transparent BPO Contact Center Compliance Credentials

Transparent isn’t just a word; it’s how we build relationships.

Discover what our open model, passionate culture, people over policy, and out-of-the-box approach can do for your business.

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