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How our process works

01. Create your applicant profile

You will need to provide basic contact information and upload your resume. A clear, professional resume is required to apply for employment with Transparent BPO.

02. Take our assessment test

You will receive an email with a link to take our assessment test. You can take the test from home; it will take about 20-45 minutes. TAKE YOUR TIME as…

03. Apply

Assuming you do well on the interview, you may apply for jobs on our website, or if you have already applied, our recruiting team will evaluate your application.

04. Interview

If we feel your assessment results are a good fit, we will invite you for an interview in our office.

05. Welcome

At the end of the process, if we both decide that you are right for Transparent BPO, you’re hired.

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Investing in your success

A market leader committed to excellence, Transparent BPO offers an exceptional company culture and outstanding benefits. We invest in our team members, providing them with ongoing training, career development opportunities, and a strong work-life balance.

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Benefits and perks

+ Competitive compensation with bonus opportunities
+ Generous paid time-off plan & sick leave
+ A clean, safe, drug-free work environment
+ Health and dental insurance
+ Training in sales, customer service, marketing & computers
+ Upward mobility
+ Discounts at area businesses
+ Other incentives and fringe benefits

Culture matters

We are committed to achieving market leadership by living our values and embracing strong principles.

Trust and integrity

Our interactions are based on candor, honesty, and respect for individual contributions.

Strong leadership

As leaders, we articulate and demonstrate our shared vision, values, and goals.

Teamwork and synergy

We achieve synergy through the skills and ideas of all employees. We strive for win-win solutions to issues and problems.

We go beyond

We set extraordinary expectations and goals and revel in the joy of achieving significant results.

Submitting your resume

A well-prepared resume may not lead directly to a job offer, but it will improve your chances of being considered for a position. Here are a few suggestions for your resume – and check out this site for additional tips.