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February 2022

The labor Void: The U.S. Labor Market is unrecognizable
Economists are at a loss trying to predict the future. With each variant, COVID accentuated gaps in our domestic contact center model, from productivity to labor to costs. In his latest blog, Jason Sterns of Transparent BPO examines nearshore and offshore benefits to fill the labor void.  

January 2022

Doing Business in Belize: It’s easier than you think
You’d wish you were here when you learn how easy it is to do business in Belize. Your contact center services will be able to serve your customers with agents who have a strong cultural affinity to the United States and unmatched English language capabilities. 

December 2021

SPECIAL EDITION: Transparent BPO Expands to Jamaica
CEO Scott Newman walks through the company’s strategy and decision-making to expand to Spanish Town, Jamaica.  Hint: Location, Location, Location.

November 2021

The Need to Diversify Your Customer Service Model
Key Insights from the Inside: The pandemic laid bare a lot of truths. We missed working in the office. We didn’t miss working in the office. We missed the camaraderie of our colleagues. We didn’t miss our colleagues.

October 2021

A Culture of Values: Building a BPO with the Right DNA
Key Insights from the Inside: There is no line item for culture on a balance sheet, but it contributes to the bottom line, according to Transparent BPO’s CEO, Scott Newman.

September 2021

Managing Disruption in the BPO Industry
Jason Sterns of Transparent BPO had a front seat to the disruption that hit the customer care industry in 2020. In this podcast, he discusses how TBPO drew on its deep experience deploying agents in a work-from-home environment and used it to develop the WorkSecure Suite.

August 2021

Understanding the Customer – It Takes Listening
Marilyn Soares, Transparent BPO’s VP of Client Services sits down with Jason Cutter to provide an insider’s view of gaining the client’s trust in this podcast. Also, Transparent BPO listed on Inc. 5000 for the seventh time since it opened its doors in 2009.

July 2021

Developing A ‘Service-First View’ of Digital Transformation
The customer care industry has lost sight of a ‘service first view’ of what digital transformation means to clients and their customers. We can get it back. Also, get an inside look at how ‘impact sourcing’ has emerged as a socially responsible measure.  

June 2021

Examining Customer Care Relationships
What’s Important in a Customer Care Partnership – listen to the podcast. Also, this edition features the blog, “Clients Aren’t From Mars and Providers Don’t Have To Be From Venus.”  

May 2021

Deja Vu All Over Again Feeding Frenzy Returns To BPOs
With tireless regularity, the customer care sector is undergoing its predictable feeding frenzy. Once every decade, large, global corporations with thousands of agents spread throughout countless time zones consume smaller, midsized customer care providers. 

April 2021

Transparent BPO Solves WFH Challenges
Solving ‘Work-from-Home’ challenges – from solutions to commentary plus an insightful discussion from customer care experts Shep Hyken and Jeff Toister on keeping your promises. 

May 2020

How Contact Centers are Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis
It may not be business as usual, but contact centers are responding to the “new normal” in varying ways and have some advice for the rest of us.

April 2020

Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Transparent BPO undertook a serious initiative — to deploy 850 brick and mortar contact center agents to a work-from-home environment. Here’s our story, the lessons we learned, and insights on how COVID-19 will impact the BPO industry’s future.

March 2020

The ROI of Contact Center Benchmarking
What’s the best way to measure your contact center’s performance improvement and ROI? Through the practice of benchmarking.

February 2020

How to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Brand
Love is in the air! Or is it? On Valentine’s Day, our thoughts turn to love. But the question uppermost on the minds of customer service and CX professionals is, “How do we get customers to love our brand?”

January 2020

2020 Contact Center Trends
Each year, new trends emerge that contact center executives must pay attention to, and 2020 is no different. Here are seven trends that will impact centers this year and the foreseeable future.

December 2019

Top Customer Experience Trends for 2020
What customer experience trends should enterprise brands and their outsourcing partners be watching in 2020? Here’s what BPO consultant Peter Ryan had to say.

The Transparent BPO Story & Vision
2019 marks a milestone for Transparent BPO — our tenth year in business. In this edition of Outsourcing Insider, we take a look back at our beginnings and forward to our “2020 Vision.”

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