WFH WorkSecure Suite

Safe, secure work-from-home agent monitoring and compliance

Transparent BPO’s WorkSecure Suite provides the peace of mind you need with work-from-home operations. Never worry about agent performance, call latency, or PCI compliance issues again.

Home Internet Monitoring

Continual monitoring from the agents’ desktops to our servers in Miami. Checks for latency, jitter, disruption of data, and voice connectivity to ensure a quality customer experience.

Value adds:

  • Avoids agent reluctance to self-report downtime;
  • Transparent BPO able to prioritize troubleshooting of connections, including check-in from a team leader, IT support, or removing an agent from queue;
  • Maximizes agent productivity.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication uses computer validation, Active Directory login (username and password), and facial recognition. No need for cell phone tokens or notifications in the work area.

Value adds:

  • Avoid common security lapses in work-from-home environments;
  • Removes any workarounds for accessing client or consumer information.

Home Environment Scan

Proprietary software exclusive to Transparent BPO allows monitoring and scoring of agent’s home environment to ensure compliance. Two webcams — one positioned toward the agent’s face and a second that scans the workstation environment — provide silent multiple scans randomly during shift.

Value adds:

  • Agent scan verified against employee badge;
  • Work environment scan ensures adherence to clean desk policy and that no one is hovering in the work area;
  • Most work-from-home environments only provide security during log-in/audits;
  • Ability to shut down workstations immediately.

AI Noise Cancelling Software

Artificial intelligence recognizes and removes background noise in real-time with undetectable 15ms latency, leaving only a clean human voice. Adapts to the agent’s voice and improves over time.

Value adds:

  • No distractions to consumers;
  • No impact on voice quality;
  • Increased customer satisfaction and engagement.

PCI Compliant Credit Card Payments

PCI compliant credit card payment system captures cardholder information securely. Agents assist with a three-way call, maintaining the conversation with the customer at all times. No credit card information enters the desktop environment and the agent hears no credit card information — even key tones are masked.

Value adds:

  • Completely PCI compliant;
  • Connects directly with payment processors;
  • Removes all access to credit card information from agents.

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