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Our blog, Outsourcing Insights, is written by members of our leadership team and provides practical, expert advice for contact center professionals — all designed to help your company grow!

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Where Transparent BPO Will Be in 2018

Transparent BPO is continuing our engagement with and contribution to the BPO contact center outsourcing industry this year through attendance at several upcoming conferences. We will take the new insights we come back with and implement within our Belize call centers and share them with our customers as well. We look…


When Price Shopping Can Backfire

Everyone loves a deal! There’s nothing wrong with trying to negotiate the best deal for your business. But diluting the value of a service too far can backfire for your company. I believe finding the right DNA match between a company and an outsourcer is the most important aspect of…


Technology – Innovation in the Cloud

Evaluating call center software solutions can be a long and draining experience. But it’s also something a company shouldn’t take lightly. Your entire business literally depends on that solution. My company recently evaluated several products and decided on an industry-leading product we believe will help grow our business. Based on…


BPOs – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The BPO market went through a consolidation a little over a decade ago where many of the big Tier 1 players were buying small-to-midsized players to expand their global presence. At the time, companies that outsourced viewed it as a good thing. But things are changing: Small-to-midsized BPOs are starting to…