In a BPO, Knowledge is Power… IF You Know How to Use It

01 June, 2017



In a BPO, agent development starts with knowledge: that is, understanding your brand, the industry, your products, and processes.

Knowledge is typically provided through EDUCATION — teaching agents how the business works so they can find an answer and describe the prescribed solution. The purpose of education is to impart knowledge, which is essential to the marketing of products.

Thus, a great deal of the time an agent spends in most “TRAINING” classes is spent being “EDUCATED,” gaining knowledge and regurgitating responses much like we all did back in our school days, learning and memorizing enough to pass standardized tests.

Yet there is an important distinction between education and training.

If the purpose of education is to impart knowledge, the purpose of training is to get action or change behaviors. And that is what differentiates a “boxed” solution from a client-focused BPO solution. Our training is not designed to “teach” Sales or Customer Service but to TRAIN people in the behaviors of successful selling or customer service.

It is no secret that most contact centers take their best agents and make them “trainers” who stand in front of a classroom and click through fully-loaded PowerPoints, assuming that if they provide all the “Knowledge” an agent will ever need, they will be successful in their customer interactions.

At our Belize call centers, we understand all customers are NOT equal, and what matters to one will not be important to another. One size does NOT fit all.

Agents have the most success when they fully understand the benefits your product or service can provide and can use their human skills to customize their responses, not just rattle off everything they know.

To that end, our Trainers are certified to focus on how to turn agent KNOWLEDGE into action, presenting content in such a way that creates interest and enhances learning. We TRAIN agents to respond to concerns in a conversational style, focusing on what matters to each customer, building confidence that will drive action and build loyalty, instead of just reading the required scripted “rebuttals.”

Don’t get me wrong… knowledge is important and, without it, there is no foundation. Yet if agents don’t know how to use their knowledge effectively to drive customer satisfaction, then it does them no good. Customers know when agents don’t know how to use their knowledge to tell YOUR story.

So, do you want robots reading rebuttals or skilled agents trained to respond on the human level and build loyalty to your brand?

About Transparent BPO:
Transparent BPO was founded in 2009 to provide its clients with superior omnichannel nearshore call center services and business process outsourcing at competitive pricing. Belize is Transparent’s ideal call center location as it offers an educated English-speaking population, reliable telecommunications, and an overall friendly environment. With Spanish being the second language of Belize, Transparent BPO can offer highly qualified bi-lingual agents. Transparent’s state-of-the-art call center system development and IT support allow for seamless integration, resulting in a transparent business relationship.

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