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Jamaica – A keystone location for BPO in the Caribbean

The island paradise boasts a renowned reputation for affable and friendly residents – and this extends into the mentality of local agents.  With a perfect location, as well as strong cultural and economic ties to the US – Jamacia has been positioned to be among the most important nearshore locations…


How important is vertical experience when selecting a BPO?

An experienced partner can align not only your objectives and needs but also be invaluable in aligning with your company culture, but it is not the sole consideration to take into account when looking to outsource. Experience is important. No one will deny that. This is doubly important for any…


Overcoming Outsourcing Client Concerns

A recent HFS Pulse Survey highlights several primary areas of concern for enterprises looking to outsource their operations: technological disruptions, work environment changes, economic volatility, and intense competition. Despite the ever-evolving remote business landscape, BPO providers have an opportunity to tackle enterprise concerns head-on and make a positive impact. Leveraging…