Jamaica – A keystone location for BPO in the Caribbean

12 May, 2023



The island paradise boasts a renowned reputation for affable and friendly residents – and this extends into the mentality of local agents. 

With a perfect location, as well as strong cultural and economic ties to the US – Jamacia has been positioned to be among the most important nearshore locations as early as the 1990s.

Today, Jamaica is the most experienced BPO market in the Caribbean and has a thriving call center industry. Strengthening this even more is the Jamaican government establishing a BPO Task Force to facilitate ease of doing business and foreign investment tax incentives. The Jamaican commitment to the national five-year Global Digital Services Strategy to expand and transform the domestic BPO industry in Jamaica and increase the sector’s employment to 70,000 jobs by 2025 also shows the joint investment into growth, which surged despite the pandemic.

Global Services Sector (GSS) projects locally also push to upskill the BPO labor source, preparing secondary school students by providing technical, language, and communication skills training, customer service certification courses, and career advancement programs for customer service and data operations. This growing industry proves great for Jamaica’s youth, as the influx of jobs offers a wealth of employment in fields such as IT-enabled services, online digital services, and other in-demand fields. This growing employment shift is even more crucial at a time when Jamaica has seen its tourism industry hit hard by the lasting effects of the pandemic.

Key benefits of Jamaica to those looking to outsource (especially North American domestic businesses):

  • The third-largest English-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere and the most prominent English–speaking nation in the Caribbean
  • Proven legacy as one of the most prominent contact center markets in the nearshore market
  • With a population of 2.9 million, 36,000 call center workers
  • A call center BPO market currently valued at around $450 Million USD
  • A 40%-60% cost savings compared to US call centers.
  • As a top travel and tourism hub, many direct flights to and from the US
  • Excellent infrastructure, utilities, transportation, technology, and telephony
  • Typically, compliance standards available include PCI, SOC II, ISO, and HIPAA certifications
  • Primary education based on the British system with a strong American influence on language and culture

In addition to the above, Transparent BPO’s current and currently expanding operations offers additional benefits with our locations and investments, such as the following:

  • Brand new state-of-the-art 108,000 sq. ft. facility opening in the summer of 2023 in Spanish Town, Jamaica – being the only BPO provider in this location positioned in the heart of hundreds of agents who typically commuted to Portmore and Kingston for work.
  • Our campus and partnerships provide employees with access to facilities at G.C. Foster College – a premier sporting institute adjacent to our facility- and proximity to a local technical high school and six secondary high schools.
  • Top-tier training and career development through TBPO University –
  • Agents get trained in a brick-and-mortar contact center. Those who exhibit good attendance, schedule adherence, and performance are rewarded with WFH eligibility (powered through our industry-leading WorkSecure® model). Agents unable to meet requirement lose their WFH privileges

Significant Evolution

Addressing some of the potential client concerns with those new to outsourcing, the local government has made significant strides have been taken to position Jamaica to serve as the destination of choice for businesses who want a nearshore location that best suits their needs, as well as best manages the end customer’s needs with high-quality service.

  • Local economy– Jamaica is seeing economic growth not witnessed in decades, led by local government reform, a shift to embrace an economy not so heavily reliant on tourism. Local officials have embraced the interest of outsources with incentives and programs to bring in jobs that are not “sweatshops” but instead well-paying and higher-skilled career opportunities. The IMF has praised the local “sound policy frameworks and policies prioritizing macroeconomic stability; the economy is now recovering strongly,” even with the impact Covid, the war in Ukraine, and the ongoing global financial conditions.
  • Proximity – with being just a short flight away from most major US airports, establishing a technology footprint outside the US with the benefits attached (lower cost, ease of access, language ability) – Jamaica is a perfect location for tech and customer service-based programs, even more so with the time zone similarity for most of the US.
  • Crime  – While crime is and has been a consideration about most outsourcing destinations, the Jamaican government understood the importance of guaranteeing safety – establishing a national CCTV system and significant investment in digitizing the government. The Data Protection Act & Cybercrime Act protect corporate and customer data. Jamaica is a tourism destination, and the country takes many precautions to make visitors feel welcome and keep them safe – in Jamaican cities, as with any city anywhere, standard precautions are advised, but nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Infrastructure – with the economic growth, the investment of neighboring countries, and a government looking to incentivize the BPO industry, BPOs, and the local government have ensured that expansion of the facilities and utilities needed to support business has kept up with demand. With high-capacity, low latency, scalable internet infrastructure delivered over full fiber-deployed land and subsea networks, Jamaica offers first-class telecom availability to businesses and stable disaster recovery/redundancy ability.

A Perfect Port of Call for your Outsourcing Needs

If your business has been considering the advantages of outsourcing customer service or technical support, Jamaica should surely be at the top of your list of potential destinations. With its cultural and political stability, combined with its enduring commitment to growth and advancement, it’s clear why Jamaican businesses have earned a reputation for providing some of the highest quality customer services and highly skilled work. Don’t just take our word for it, do your research and see why Jamaica is one of the most sought-after destinations for US companies seeking to outsource their operations. And if, after doing your research, you still feel like you need more answers before deciding on where to outsource, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to answer any further questions you may have and give you a tour of our facilities. 

Who knows – Jamaican customer service might be the best choice that your business ever makes!