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AI vs Human in the Business of Customer Care.

By Lafayette Moran | VP, Business Development August 2023 In a world where AI is disrupting the traditional customer service landscape, brands are leveraging it to reduce the need for live agent interaction. However, there are still many instances where customers require human assistance in…


What to listen for in sample call recordings from a BPO?

Reviewing call sample quality is more than just taking recordings and analyzing random calls. May 2023 According to Forbes, 96% of customers will leave if they receive poor service. While most are willing to endure a few less-than-ideal interactions, they won’t keep doing business if service…


The changing landscape of the “Office”

The Continued rise of the remote workforce has created an interesting issue to tackle for employers. April 4 2023 It has become a pressing concern for businesses to strike the right balance between remote work and how much needs to be done in the traditional setting.  Businesses need an internal…


Deploying A BPO Disaster Recovery Plan Built for Your Business

“Hope” is not a plan to mitigate inevitable risk! By Randy Rollins , VP of Information Technology, Transparent BPO A well-worn mantra circulates throughout information technology circles: “it’s not a matter of if something will go wrong, it’s a matter of when something will go wrong.”    Something will inevitably go…