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Why Business Process Outsourcing Relationships Fail

One of the most common reservations I hear from prospective clients concerns bad experiences with previous outsourcing. Understanding why some outsourcing relationships fail can dramatically increase your chances for success. While there are many reasons these relationships might fail, I’ve narrowed it down to two that I think are the…

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Transparent BPO Welcomes New Key Team Members

Bethesda, MD – Transparent BPO – Today, Transparent BPO, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of two key team members to its organization. Rob Johnson has joined the team as Transparent BPO’s new Director of Operations and Tiffany Rohlena has signed on as the Training Manager. Both Rob and…


Transparent BPO Welcomes Director of Client Services

Bethesda, MD – Transparent BPO – Transparent BPO, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Marilyn Soares as our new Director of Client Services. Based out of New York, Marilyn has overall responsibility for the client services team at Transparent BPO. She works closely with the account management team…


Transparent BPO Gives Back

One of Transparent BPO’s core values is social responsibility. In addition to helping with the Red Cross and other intuitions in Belize, this year, TransparentBPO was pleased to make donations to four schools in Belize that will impact both the community and our staff. Many of our employees have children…


Transparent BPO Employees Celebrate 5-Year Anniversary

Transparent BPO would like to acknowledge and thank the following dedicated employees who just celebrated their 5-year anniversary with Transparent BPO! Thank you for all of your hard work over the past 5 years! Rodney BowenStephanie GuerraTyron GladdenVanessa YoungEnrique JonesRaquel ArteroNicholas IhebomStephen Davies…