Welcome To Transparent BPO

As a customer, you frequently sacrifice something when you outsource. If you stay onshore, you succumb to the high hourly rates; when you move offshore, your customers can’t understand the agent representing your company. No matter where you go, you lose the ability to manage your campaign efficiently. Companies who rely on call centers have learned to integrate these shortcomings into their bottom line and have simply decided “that’s just the way it is!”

Transparent BPO is here to change your experience by introducing a call center environment that will exceed client’s expectations and provide a level of service not currently offered by existing BPO companies.

Our Mission

To offer our clients a competitive advantage in their industry by providing advanced technological services and skilled human resources

Our Vision

Year after year, Transparent BPO and its people will be regarded as the best and most sought after Call Center and Business Process Outsourcer in the world

Commitment to Our Employees

Employees have the opportunity to work in a unique environment - less stress, more fun, better perks and down-to-earth

Our Services

Transparent BPO is unlike any other call center because we are results driven. Too often, call centers develop an attitude of "we're getting paid hourly to answer the phones." At Transparent, we're not happy until you're happy.

Inbound Voice

Marketing these days is more expensive than ever. At Transparent BPO, we recognize the enormous cost with driving calls, and we're here to help you capitalize on as many calls as possible

Outbound Voice

Outbound campaigns can be some of the most complicated and challenging tasks that a company can handle. Transparent BPO can make outbound calls a breeze

IVR Services

Not everyone needs a live agent to answer their calls. We have a robust IVR system that can be customized to your needs. You can re-record your message at any time

Web Chat

Bring your website to the next level. Many companies use web chat services to enhance their customer service webpage. Others like to offer sales help when a customer is purchasing a product online

Data Entry

Data entry can be tedious, tiring and time consuming. Transparent BPO can get your data entered into your database accurately and in a timely manner

Quality Assurance

Need an external audit on your customer service or sales center? Send us your recordings, and we will grade them according to a pre-determined scorecard

Why Work for Transparent BPO

Why Transparent BPO? The real question is: Why work anywhere else? If you have a strong work ethic, a passion for excellence and a creative mind, unleash your potential with an employer who can provide all that you need to succeed.

Our Culture

Transparent BPO is committed to achieving market leadership by living our values and embracing strong principles

Trust and Integrity

Our interactions are based upon candor, honesty, and respect for individual contributions


The role of leaders is to articulate and demonstrate our shared vision, values, and goals


We embrace the principle that everything should be as simple as possible and no simpler

Teamwork and Synergy

We achieve synergy through the skills and ideas of all our employees. We strive for win/win solutions to issues and problems

Go Beyond

We set extraordinary expectations and goals and believe in the joy of achieving significant results

About US

Transparent BPO was founded to provide its clients with superior telemarketing services and business process outsourcing at competitive pricing. Our state-of-the-art system development and IT support allows for seamless integration, resulting in a transparent business relationship.


As one of the fastest-growing countries in Central America, Belize is a perfect fit for our operations. It offers an educated English-speaking population, reliable telecommunications and an overall friendly environment.

Our agents undertake a two-week training program that provides them with the skills to become an elite call center group. While training focuses on providing quality sales and customer service for our clients, we want to train and educate agents so they become well-rounded professionals with skills that will translate to other career opportunities.

Understanding that agents are the backbone of our business, Transparent BPO offers competitive salaries, bonuses to the top performing agents, comprehensive health benefits, sick leave and paid vacation time, and most importantly, a clean and safe work environment. We are interested in providing good quality jobs and a high level of training for the people of Belize.