Energy company sees annual sales grow by 700%

Better results than onshore resources at lower cost


Our client is an electricity and gas supplier serving residential and small business customers across eight states. Due to increased competition, outbound calling regulations, and decreasing quality of leads, the client was looking for a contact center partner that could maximize results on each sales call.


A 20-agent pilot program launched in 2013 with the express goal of gaining new customer enrollments. Consequently, the client continued to shift work to Transparent BPO with the program eventually growing to more than 150 agents.

Energy company sees annual sales grow by 700%

Key Success Drivers

  • Agent selection and development;
  • Lead management and dialing strategy;
  • Efficient quality assurance process;
  • Advanced technology to support agent success.

Pain Points

  • Decreased lead quality
  • Increased competition
  • Heightened regulation

Reduced customer acquisition cost by 48% and grew annual sales by over 700%

Transparent BPO invests significant time in selecting, screening, and training agents for sales effectiveness and quality adherence. That training, coupled with our use of technology, guarantees that we present agents with the appropriate offer and compliance requirements.

Our management process ensures we continuously develop agents’ skills to achieve the highest conversation rates possible. We do this by teaching agents how to listen, engage, and build rapport with the prospect, exhibit energy and enthusiasm during the call, and how to be aware of challenges the prospect has that the product can alleviate.

It is vital in this competitive market to identify lead sources that offer the best sales conversion opportunity. TBPO’s process for lead file management, effective dialer settings, reporting and analytics, and real-time data management, enabled us to reach the prospect at the most appropriate time, leading to higher contact and conversion rates.

Following the initial sales call, TBPO implemented a quality assurance program to confirm we audited 100% of our sales for compliance. This program, along with the practical training and coaching our agents receive, led to a strong onboarding customer experience and reduced churn for this acquisition channel.

Transparent BPO’s outbound call center platform enabled our client to quickly deploy different scripts to adhere to the various states’ regulatory requirements and removed the downtime typically seen when agents shift from state to state. We could also alter the script in real-time to account for any regulation changes. More importantly, our platform gave the client the ability to pilot script modifications for sales effectiveness before deployment across the enterprise.

Ability to essentially match if not be better than onshore resources at a much lower cost. Far superior to ‘further offshore’ options, which may be somewhat less expensive at face value but provide nowhere near the same level of service or value-add.”


Transparent BPO delivered the high quality and increased productivity the client wanted, resulting in the following:

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