TBPO balances performance, cost-effectiveness for leading publisher


Global publisher case study pain points and results

A leading global publishing company faced the need to balance agent performance with a cost-effective contact center solution. The long tenure of the organization (which had grown into multiple business lines) combined with more than 30 legacy support systems made customer care and technical support extremely difficult to manage.

The organization was outsourcing simple services offshore and more complex lines of business internally. This combination of resources resulted in consistently poor quality, missed KPIs, and the inability to scale during the busy season using their current internal resources.

The team at Transparent BPO has a strong desire to understand our business and the needs of our customers. This is a valuable asset and it has created a near seamless experience for our customers.


Starting with a pilot of 30 agents, Transparent BPO supported customer care and technical support calls for students and academic professionals. Challenged with matching in-house metrics, including CSAT and productivity metrics such as AHT and TAT, Transparent BPO introduced a project plan to drive continual improvement.

A lack of internal quality measurement and training processes required a customized solution. Transparent BPO developed and introduced quality review and a new training curriculum to deliver agent certification and results once agents hit the floor. Transparent BPO’s focused approach included a refresh of the QA forms with procedural questions and a focus on overall call evaluation efforts to deliver superior customer satisfaction.

Transparent BPO also designed a quality scoring system that supplies results and enables management to follow trends in agent performance for multiple lines of business, each with unique scoring criteria.

Thanks to its proven results, Transparent BPO was entrusted to handle eight business lines staffed by more than 120 agents. These include customer care, technical support, author support, and complex data entry work across voice, chat, email, and back office channels.

Each business line consists of between one and three stakeholders each with unique goals and challenges. To carry out these complex demands, Transparent BPO drives the business with a project plan that identifies goals and challenges while delivering them against a timeline and communication plan — all supported by Transparent BPOs commitment to continual improvement.

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