The Transparent Story: 2020 Vision for the Future

17 December, 2019



This post is the second of a two-part series commemorating our 10th anniversary. Part one focused on our origin story. In this part, we look back at where we’ve come over the past ten years and ahead to highlight our “2020 Vision” for the future.  

Scott Newman by Scott Newman, CEO

Transparent BPO is celebrating our tenth year in business. We’ve grown considerably as a company during that time — from one contact center to three and from 30 employees at the start to now more than 1,000, with prospects for significantly-higher growth.

We also added an executive team consisting of veteran contact center leaders and raised up a large pool of leaders from within the ranks in Belize as well. Our client roster has also grown to include some very recognizable brands, and many others, just as important, though less well known.

Another expression of growth is the recent addition of an innovative solution to employee attrition and turnover. We established an Employee Engagement team to keep our employees enthused about the company and their role in it. We believe that engaged employees lead to better customer experiences and, as a result, happier clients.

We also changed our leadership structure from a shared-team model to one that is site-based. In doing so, we transitioned our Director of Operations, Jon Williams, to Site Director at our new Seaside operations center, hired a veteran industry leader to oversee the Cleghorn location, and are in the process of hiring a third site director for the Coney Drive location.

Thanks to the efforts of so many — agents and leadership alike — I’m proud to say that Transparent BPO is now the largest and most highly-regarded contact center outsourcer in Belize.

But we aren’t done yet. Our vision for 2020 includes continued growth, not the least of which is expansion next year into the Cayo District, with a new 700-seat contact center in the capital, Belmopan.

With growth comes change, but we are determined to stay true to the four core values on which the company was founded: Quality, Clients, Community, and Transparency.

Our mission is also the same — to offer our clients a competitive advantage in their industry by providing advanced call center technological services and skilled human resources. So is our vision, to be regarded as the best and most sought-after nearshore call center and business process outsourcer in the world.

That’s not all. We’re adopting a new tagline as we move into 2020: We Stand For More.

You see, at Transparent BPO, we believe every touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to push beyond the expected. We push boundaries and ourselves to ensure every person’s experience is better than the one before.

From our open model and ongoing pursuit for better results to our empowered and engaged agents, every interaction is made with the intent of elevating experiences and strengthening relationships with our clients’ brands.

I said in part one of this series that we want to be an extension of our clients’ business, to see them succeed. That’s why we embrace each brand and actively look for ways to optimize customer service, sales, technical support, and data entry.

Every day is an opportunity — one to push the boundaries on what we do and, most importantly, on what we can achieve together.

If you want to do business with a company with an established track record of growth, one founded on strong ethical principles, committed to finding innovative solutions for its clients, and that puts people over policies, then consider Transparent BPO. Give us a call at 800-276-5140 or set up a time to speak. We look forward to hearing from you.