Belize Call Centers

Belize is the ideal call center location.

Belize call center is the ideal nearshore business process outsourcing (BPO) destination for several reasons:

English-speaking Country – As a former member of the British Commonwealth, Belize is one of a handful of countries where English is the mother tongue. Belizeans are native English speakers who learned the language from birth.

U.S. Cultural Affinity – Many Belizean contact center agents have worked in the tourism industry, which benefits from over a million American visitors every year.

Proximity to the U.S. – Belize is easy to get to from the United States. Several airlines offer daily non-stop flights from many U.S. cities. Belize also mirrors U.S. time zones, which aids in doing day-to-day business.

Service Maturity – Even though Belize is an emerging nearshore outsourcing destination, it has gained a reasonable degree of maturity in a short span. The first contact center opened in 2005, and more than 20 now operate across the country.

Low Attrition & Turnover – Industry turnover among call center workers in many parts of the world is high. That’s not a concern in Belize where many agents consider the call center a career path. Many of these agents have received an Associates’s degree from local colleges. Also, the call centers in Belize have agents that are trained thoroughly to provide the highest quality inbound customer experience possible and outbound sales as well.

Regional Stability & Safety – Belize is one of the most stable countries in the region, both politically and culturally — unlike many Latin American neighbors (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, etc.)

Strong Infrastructure – For a developing country, Belize has an amazingly robust infrastructure educationally, politically, and technically.

As you can see, there are many reasons to locate your call center to Belize. And when you think of a Belize customer service outsourcing company, think of Transparent BPO.

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