Belize Call Center Outsourcing

Finding an affordable, quality call center partner can be hard. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Offshore providers come with an array of problems, like language barriers, vast time zone differences, deficient quality, and much more. Domestic providers may offer the quality you’re looking for, but at what cost? In-house call centers are expensive to scale and hard to maintain.

Belize call center outsourcing at Transparent BPO gives you the best of both: onshore quality at nearshore prices.

Our call centers in Belize offer native English speakersshort flights from the U.S. & Canadaclose cultural affinity, and regional political and economic stability.

Plus, we have brand new state-of-the-art facilities and more agents than any other BPO in Belize!

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Three reasons make Transparent BPO and Belize your ideal outsourcing partner.


Your business is unique. Your contact center should be, too. That’s why we design customized solutions for each and every business we work with to ensure it’s the right fit for your brand.


We have the management experience of a large company but operate with the nimble, open approach of a small company, giving you the best of both.


Transparent is more than just our name. Our open model lets you see exactly how your contact center is working at all times. If there’s a problem, you’re the first to know.

What it means to be transparent

In this brief video, Transparent BPO Founder and CEO Scott Newman talks about what transparency means as it relates to our clients and employees.

Transparency is one of our four core values. It means we will be open, honest, and ethical in everything we do. We seek to create long-lasting partnerships through straightforward business practices.

What our customers have to say…

“We needed a cost-effective, quality call center solution to quickly handle customer service for about 150,000 diabetic patients. Not only did TBPO stand up a solution in our required time period, we found the call quality to be very high.”
Healthcare Company Vice President

“Transparent BPO has proven itself to be an ethical company true to its core values. They are a valuable and trusted strategic partner for our company.”
Director, Global Customer Service Operations, Publishing Company

Experience the Transparent Difference

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