Transparent CEO Joins Panel of Leading Outsourcing Industry Execs at EITK Briefing

05 June, 2019




Execs In The Know Outsourcing Briefing

LAYTONSVILLE, MD (June 5, 2019) — Transparent BPO, a nearshore contact center and business process outsourcer with operations in Belize, today announced that Scott Newman, co-founder and CEO, will be a panelist at the Execs In The Know Outsourcing Briefing, June 12, 2019, in Richmond, Va.

The daylong event is intended for corporate executives focused on the operational strategy and execution of customer care, including those currently utilizing an outsourcing strategy and those interested in the subject for future delivery.

“Outsourcing is a critical part of an efficient customer experience (CX) strategy,” said Chad McDaniel, briefing moderator and president of Execs In The Know. “However, with so many dynamics to consider, navigating the right choices for a brand can be tricky. The briefing is designed to empower CX leaders with knowledge and network as we tackle the complex topic of outsourcing through candid and interactive conversations, providing an opportunity for leaders to learn from other leaders.”

The panel, a focal point of the meeting, will consist of representatives from five leading Execs In The Know outsourcing partners, including Transparent BPO, who will respond to questions compiled in advance by event attendees. Topics to be discussed include outsourcing best practices, pricing models, contractual mistakes, performance metrics, vendor selection, and more.

“I am excited to participate as a panelist for a couple of reasons,” Newman said. “It provides me with an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded peers on the corporate side of the business, and it affords Transparent BPO the chance to increase our brand presence and gain greater visibility in the industry.”

The event will be held at Capital One Headquarters, 15000 Capital One Dr., in Richmond. The panel discussion takes place from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Those interested in attending the Outsourcing Briefing can visit the Execs In The Know website to learn more and download an agenda.

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About Transparent BPO

Transparent BPO was founded in 2009 to provide its clients with superior contact center services and business process outsourcing at competitive pricing. As one of the fastest-growing countries in Central America, Belize is Transparent’s ideal location for its contact center operations.

Belize offers an educated English-speaking population, reliable telecommunications, and an overall friendly environment. With Spanish being the second language of Belize, Transparent BPO can provide highly qualified bi-lingual agents. Also, Transparent’s state-of-the-art contact center system development and IT support allow for seamless integration, resulting in a transparent business relationship.

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