Transparent CEO Interviewed by Nearshore Americas

26 April, 2019


Transparent BPO CEO Scott Newman was interviewed by Nearshore Americas for an article addressing U.S. State Department travel advisory warnings for Belize and Guatemala.

“The US recently raised its travel advisory alerts for Belize and Guatemala to Level 2: ‘Exercise Extreme Caution’, but BPO companies active in the Central American countries say the reality is very different on the ground,” the article said.

The article cited Newman as saying if he were setting up shop in Belize now, he would not heed the travel advisory.

“Certainly it’s on the list of things to validate, and doing your due diligence is part of what’s necessary, but checking something off the list due to a travel advisory would be very short-sighted,” he said. “The reality is very different on the ground.”

The article also quoted a spokesperson talking about the situation in Guatemala.

Read the full article here.