Transparent BPO Solves Work-from-Home Headaches

“The cutting-edge service of the WorkSecure Suite is among the most unique offerings of its kind in the marketplace today.”

12 February, 2021


By Lance Hale, President, Transparent BPO

Working from home is here to stay.

Companies scrambled during the first and second quarter of 2020 to adjust to the global pandemic with hastily arranged work from home arrangements. And as we all know, the acronym “WFH” has become instantly recognizable.

With subsequent waves and variant strains impacting business operations, companies are embracing remote work models with even more urgency. Permanent business models are being re-engineered to accommodate the new reality and leaders are looking within and outside their organizations for options. Our clients quickly learned that their customer service agents can rely on Transparent BPO’s comprehensive WorkSecure Suite™ to drive uncompromised work from home capabilities, ensuring security and safety.

Simply put, WorkSecure Suite provides a secure and reliable WFH solution.

I think we all agree expectations appear that all employees will not return to traditional brick and mortar facilities in the fashion we experienced prior to the pandemic. To meet this new reality, Transparent BPO designed a solution to address the concerns of effectively deploying agents who are working from their homes. From security to stability to timely resolution of threats, WorkSecure ensures agents working outside traditional facilities are just as effective as they would be working in a customer care center.

Peter Ryan, founder and chief analyst of Ryan Strategic Advisory recently told me that the latest surveys indicate that executives see ensuring strong levels of information security as their number one pain point. When we shared our WorkSecure Suite with him, he was impressed.

“Transparent BPO has developed the WorkSecure Suite which considers the ecosystem of data security and fraud prevention,” says Ryan. “The cutting-edge service of the WorkSecure Suite is among the most unique offerings of its kind in the marketplace today.”

Even before global events began changing the way business operates, we were developing a comprehensive offering to address issues associated with deploying agents from their homes – from security to background noise. The WorkSecure Suite includes: 

  • SecureDesktop: This product enables employees to pivot between in-office work and work-from-home with continuous compliance. Employees can even BYOD while we maintain 100% control of their device to provide complete security.
  • SecureAuthentication: Our three-factor authentication introduces the employee’s PC itself as an authenticating factor to gain access to our company’s network.
  • SecureVoice: SecureVoice uses Artificial Intelligence software to pinpoint and remove background noise in real-time, leaving the customer hearing only the clear voice of the agent.
  • SecureWatch: Our custom-built SecureWatch is a monitoring solution that verifies compliance in real-time.
  • SecureMonitor: Internet connection issues can cause a host of problems while WFH employees are assisting customers. SecureMonitor aims to ensure that there is a control in place for the WFH environment’s Internet integrity.

Our proprietary WorkSecure Suite answers questions surrounding agent productivity, confidentiality and call quality. We’re currently deploying WorkSecure Suite for customer care agents working from home in Belize and Philippines.

Your customer experience doesn’t have to suffer because your agents are working from home. The WorkSecure Suite provides direct oversight as if the agent is still in a facility while also protecting data and confidentiality. And ambient sound associated with the home – from barking dogs and doorbells – are instantly eliminated.

Learn how the WorkSecure Suite can improve your customer experience by viewing this video and ask us how it can help your customer’s experience.