Top 10 BPO Vendor Selection Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

23 July, 2018


I wrote an article for Nearshore Americas — the second in a series of six that Jason Sterns, our VP of business development, and I are contributing to the publication — on the topic of BPO vendor selection mistakes and how to avoid them.

In the article, I list ten commonly-accepted pitfalls in the BPO vendor selection process and offer advice to help brands achieve a valuable outsourcing relationship.

Mistakes range from choosing the wrong market to making cost the decisive metric to failure to make a site visit to missing the importance of a vendor’s culture and values.

Failure to avoid any one of these mistakes could adversely impact your company’s customer service quality and performance metrics, so it’s wise to pay close attention to each.

Here’s an excerpt from the article regarding choosing the wrong market:

“When choosing a BPO vendor, you’re also committing to a specific location. Beware of those providers who pump their brand and obscure the host country, and who are unwilling to put the local workforce and the culture front and center.

“As a customer, there are a lot of criteria to digest, such as demographics, time zones, education systems, cultural idiosyncrasies – to name only a few. One option is to engage a neutral third party for an independent assessment. Ultimately, you will want easy access, excellent language skills, high aptitude for industry-specific contracts, and agents who are happy to work for the provider.”

Visit the Nearshore Americas website to read the article in its entirety.

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