Site Selection Group Recognizes Transparent BPO for ‘Massive Call Center Expansion’

29 March, 2019


Site Selection Group, a BPO location advisory firm, recognized Transparent BPO as one of 15 companies undergoing what it referred to as “massive call center expansion” in Q1 2019.

“Companies added over 32,000 call center jobs in the first quarter of 2019 as the call center industry continues to hang in there with stable growth,” said Site Selection Group CEO King White in a blog post.

To help understand which industries and companies are bucking the trend, Site Selection Group identified 15 companies that made major call center expansion announcements at over 65 new and existing call center sites during the first few months of 2019.

Other companies on the list include large BPOs, such as Sitel, Startek, and Telus International and major brands like PayPal, Lending Club, and Wayfair.

“It’s exciting to be named among such notable brands and leading BPO-industry players,” said Scott Newman, Transparent BPO chief executive officer and founder. “It’s a testament to our ongoing commitment to growth and desire to bring meaningful career opportunities to the people of Belize.”

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