Frost & Sullivan Features Transparent BPO in White Paper About Belize

07 October, 2019


Frost & Sullivan, a business consulting firm, just announced the release of a new white paper about Belize, entitled Smaller By Design: Belize as a Premier Outsourcing Destination, which features Transparent BPO.

“Belize is the only native English-speaking country in Central America and offers an optimal combination of economic, cultural and educational factors for customer service and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies,” the white paper says.

Regarding Transparent BPO, Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst with Frost & Sullivan, remarks, “Transparent BPO (TBPO), the largest national service provider, is making significant strides to transform the trifecta of people, process and technology into a competitive advantage for its clients.”

You can read the announcement here or download the white paper here.