Customer Testimonial: Tony Menchaca, Verde Energy

16 July, 2019



The following is a testimonial from Tony Menchaca, formerly CMO and co-owner of Verde Energy USA, a Transparent BPO client.

I outsourced a lot of sales and lead generation work to call centers during my tenure as Chief Marketing Officer for Verde Energy.

However, I found it hard to make the economics work using domestic providers. The quality was good, but the cost was just too high, which led me to look offshore to find a solution.

The problem there was exactly the opposite of onshore — the cost of doing business was low, yes, but so was the quality. Agents had heavy accents, limited English skills, and could only work from a rigorous script.

So, I was caught in a halfway zone between the high quality offered by onshore, but at a high cost, and the low cost, low quality of offshore.

That led me to look at nearshore providers. And while the cost is comparable to offshore, in countries like Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Columbia, agents speak English with such distinctly Hispanic accents, it’s hard for many U.S. customers to understand.

That’s when I found out about Transparent BPO in Belize. Now, I had never even considered Belize as a contact center destination, but boy was I wrong!

The quality Transparent offers is as good as you’ll find in any domestic call center. You see, in Belize, English is the official language, so the people speak it natively. It’s not a second language, unlike other Latin American countries.

In fact, agents speak English with such a neutral accent it’s hard to distinguish them from agents in domestic call centers. I am never embarrassed at giving a recording of a Belizean agent.

Another distinction is that agents in domestic call centers do not consider their job as a career. They do in Belize, however, which means the turnover rate is much lower. That’s particularly true with Transparent, thanks to its higher pay (compared to other call centers in the country), range of benefits, and employee development program. Many of Transparent’s agents have been with the company for years and moved into leadership roles along the way.

If I ever find myself needing to outsource my company’s services again, I will never use offshore call centers like those in the Philippines. Thanks to Transparent BPO’s onshore-like quality and affordable nearshore prices, I won’t have to.

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