Continuous Agent Training

We train for long-term agent success.

Many BPOs place little time or value in developing their agents.
That’s not the case at Transparent BPO.

Many BPOs limit formal agent training to the initial two-week period — just enough to get them onto the floor. We train for the long-term success of our agents, starting from the first day they enter the classroom and continuing throughout their careers.

What Makes Our Training Process Unique

We Make Training and Development a Continuous Process

Getting an agent from the initial training through nesting to the floor isn’t where their development should stop. Ensuring leaders are in the pipeline always starts with an organized, disciplined, and ongoing process.

We Train for Behaviors, Not Just Metrics

Anyone can be trained to hit a metric and focus on short-term success. Instead, the key to long-term productivity relies on training for behaviors, ensuring that the success we achieve will be replicated time and time again.

We Invest in Agent Success

Not only do we make a sound investment in agent recruiting, hiring, and training but also provide them with a career path that includes moving into a leadership role.

We Help Our Employee Understand the ‘Why’

Employees may know what they do and how to do it, but we also help them understand the “why,” the purpose of the organization for which they work and why it exists.

We Train Based on Organizational and Ethical Standards

Knowing the “why” is essential, but so is understanding the Core Values on which the organization is built. We have four — Quality, Clients, Community, and Transparency — and we seek to instill those in our leaders as the ethical standards by which we (and they) are to operate.

We Use Real-world Scenarios

Part of our leadership training methodology involves hands-on, real-life work. We assign people tasks that will be part of their job, provide feedback, and give both parties — the prospective leader and trainer or coach — the chance to evaluate their fitness for the role.

Training and Onboarding Process Key Elements