Online pharmacy finds growth partner in Transparent BPO


An innovative online pharmacy was tasked with finding an equally innovative partner that could provide a seamless outbound sales channel. The organization was specifically looking for a partner flexible enough to scale to meet growth goals.

This partner also needed to deliver the highest-quality customer service while consulting with consumers regarding their medications, insurance coverage, and copays.

A previous partnership with an offshore company proved to be unsatisfactory, and the organization was confronted with being able to meet its staffing needs internally due to continued growth.

I honestly don’t think our internal team could have had such a successful ramp. Somehow, Transparent BPO broke record after record with a group of new agents on all metrics.


The client launched with Transparent BPO using 30 agents supporting the consumer acquisition business. One group of agents focused on outbound calls following up on leads generated via multiple media sources, including the internet, social media, and TV. A second group was comprised of inbound lead qualifiers responsible for consumer intake of medications and insurance coverage.

Transparent BPO’s agents were trained to meet the client’s specific parameters, including learning the names and spellings of hundreds of medications as well as insurance plan names, types of coverages available, and any pharmacy changes or co-payments. Agents were prescreened for soft skills, including customer empathy and listening ability to support an older consumer demographic.

Initially, agents utilized a script to ensure compliance and quality due to low performance with the previous offshore provider. After evaluating leads generated, Transparent BPO determined that a significant portion of non-leads resulted from consumer confusion. For example, the insurance coverage they currently have, their co-payments, or medications they were taking. Based on these findings, Transparent BPO recommended a program change that allowed agents to deviate from the script and become more conversational if they felt the caller was unclear on questions.

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