Employee-Engaged BPO Culture

People are our priority, not policy.

Happy employees equal happy customers.

Employee engagement and development is critical to the success of our clients’ programs and is a top priority at Transparent BPO. That’s why we take care of our employees so they can take care of our clients’ customers.

Three components make up our process:

Employee Engagement Survey

Transparent BPO conducts employee engagement surveys initiative to better understand and respond to the needs of our workforce.

The survey focused on four key drivers of employee engagement: credible leadership, supportive co-workers, job and career satisfaction, and a high performing organization.

We aimed to understand the feedback from each employee and provide effective action plans to improve engagement, not only company-wide but also down to the individual level.

The director of client services for the provider remarked that Transparent BPO’s emphasis on employee welfare distinguishes it from other companies in the contact center industry:

“Something that often gets missed in the contact center industry is an emphasis on employee satisfaction and engagement. Just the fact that Transparent BPO is taking the time to hear what its employees need and take action around that is a major step that most organizations are not doing.”

Employee Engagement Team

The survey results led us to take another step unique to the industry step, especially for companies of our size. We established an Employee Engagement Team to keep our employees enthused about the company and their role in it. We believe that engaged employees lead to better customer experiences and, as a result, happier clients.

The team used data obtained from the survey results, as well as focus groups, and other methodologies to develop strategies and initiatives to promote a culture of excellence and employee engagement.

Examples of activities the team conducts include sending weekly company-wide “celebration memos” to recognize employees in each program for a job well done, sending birthday cards to each employee, and cards and gifts to celebrate work anniversaries.

We also have the Circle of Champions, where top performers from each program have lunch with the site directors, and the President’s Club, where top performers get a luncheon or dinner with the senior vice president. Not only that, but we also host a lavish holiday party each year with dinner, entertainment, and lots of prizes.

Additional activities the Employee Engagement Team performs include back to school drives to gather materials for our employees’ children and fundraising events for charities in our community to build a spirit of camaraderie among the employees. We also treat employees to special events, such as Family Day, comedy club nights, mixers, our annual Halloween carnival, and other fun activities throughout the year.

Areas of Improvement Due to the Employee Engagement Team Efforts

Customer Experience
We have more engaged employees, and the level of productivity output and attendance has increased, especially on holidays. CSAT score has been up on all LOBs across the company.

Recruiting, Hiring & Retention
We have many family members working within the company. Transparent BPO is one of the most coveted contact centers to work for thanks to the culture we’ve built and the perks and benefits we offer our employees.

Employee Leadership Development

Rising Stars class

Nothing is more critical to the ongoing success of the company than our ability to identify and develop a strong pipeline of emerging leaders, trained to step in as a program expands or new opportunity arises.

To foster growth, our training and operations teams designed and launched a development initiative dubbed “Leadership Cadets.”

We began the Leadership Cadet program to recognize the personal investment our employees make in the success of the business every day and to encourage and incentivize growth for those who want to make working in the contact center industry a career.

To date, 73 percent of these Leadership Cadet graduates have been promoted into positions of greater responsibility. Transparent BPO continues to grow this program with additional classes scheduled for 2020 and beyond.

“I’ve been in the BPO industry for 20 years, working for many of the large contact center providers. Transparent BPO’s commitment to employee engagement and company culture is second to none.”

Rob Johnson, SVP of Belize Operations

Happy employees equal happy customers.

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