Transparent BPO Selects TalentKeepers to Lead Employee Engagement Survey Initiative

24 October, 2018



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LAYTONSVILLE, MD (October 24, 2018) — Transparent BPO, a nearshore contact center and business process outsourcer, announced today that it has selected TalentKeepers, a leading employee engagement and retention solutions provider, to conduct an employee engagement survey initiative to better understand and respond to the needs of its workforce.

“Understanding the needs of our employees has always been critical to us,” said Rob Johnson, VP of global operations, Transparent BPO. “Our employees and front-line agents are the lifeblood of our business, so we want to know what’s going on with them. That’s the reason we decided to conduct a series of in-depth employee surveys and why we chose TalentKeepers, recognized experts in the employee engagement and retention field, to lead the initiative.”

TalentKeepers was founded in 2000 with the sole intent of understanding why employees choose to join, stay, or leave an organization. The company’s solutions are designed to help organizations meet their business goals by improving employee engagement and retention.

“What TalentKeepers does goes well beyond the typical employee survey process that’s driven by the executive team and only addresses a few areas,” Johnson said. “Instead, they focus on understanding feedback from each employee and provide effective action plans to help organizations like ours improve, not only company-wide but also down to the individual leader level.”

TalentKeepers concentrates on four key drivers of employee engagement: credible leadership, supportive co-workers, job and career satisfaction, and a high performing organization. The company offers a suite of software solutions that allow organizations to measure their effectiveness in each of these areas with the intent of identifying areas of opportunities to improve and provide online action planning tools to track and measure success.

“Engagement and retention are crucial elements of a high performing organization,” said Patrick Mulligan, talent management strategy consultant with TalentKeepers. “Our collaboration with Transparent BPO is focused on creating a culture of engagement in their organization. We offer tools to help them understand how to engage and retain employees longer.”

Jennifer Birney, director of client services for TalentKeepers, who leads the survey process along with Mulligan, remarked that Transparent BPO’s emphasis on employee welfare distinguishes it from other companies in the contact center industry.

“Something that often gets missed in the contact center industry is an emphasis on employee satisfaction and engagement,” she said. “Just the fact that Transparent BPO is taking the time to hear what its employees need and take action around that is a major step that most organizations are not doing because they’re most concerned with filling seats and hitting the numbers.”

“Contact center work was not a traditional career choice for the people of Belize until a few years ago,” Birney added. “Through its focus on the employee, Transparent BPO is establishing itself as an employer of choice in this budding industry.”

About TalentKeepers

TalentKeepers provides employee engagement and retention solutions to help organizations around the globe increase their performance. The company is a recognized leader in innovative onboarding tools, employee engagement surveys that drive growth and accountability, HRCI and SHRM certified training for HR professionals, unique eLearning leadership programs, and teambuilding tools. It has twice won HR Executive Magazine’s Product of the Year award and conducts an annual employee engagement research study, Workplace America, now in its 14th year.

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About Transparent BPO

Transparent BPO was founded in 2009 to provide its clients with superior contact center services and business process outsourcing at competitive pricing. As one of the fastest-growing countries in Central America, Belize is Transparent’s ideal location for its contact center operations.

Belize offers an educated English-speaking population, reliable telecommunications, and an overall friendly environment. With Spanish being the second language of Belize, Transparent BPO can provide highly qualified bi-lingual agents. Also, Transparent’s state-of-the-art contact center system development and IT support allow for seamless integration, resulting in a transparent business relationship.

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