Top 10 Transparent BPO Blog Posts of 2019

19 December, 2019


Top 10 blog posts of 2019

by Paul Chaney

As the curtain closes on 2019, we wanted to highlight the most popular blog posts of the year. They cover a wide range of topics, from quality monitoring to call center outsourcing to agent training to customer experience and more. Most were penned by members of our leadership team.

Here they are, in order of popularity.

1. Quality Monitoring

10 Call Center Quality Monitoring Best Practices for Process Improvement

Jon Williams, Site Director

Quality monitoring — the process of ensuring all customer service transactions are carried out the right way to the exact standards decided on internally or by our partners — is necessary to improve operations and agent performance. Read More>>

2. KPI Performance

KEEP: The Essential Ingredient to KPI Performance Success

Interview with Jon Williams, Site Director

To ensure Transparent BPO achieves the goals our clients expect, we have a “secret recipe” that contains an essential ingredient to KPI performance success, which many companies are missing. Read More>>

3. Contact Center Basics

Blocking and Tackling: 6 Rules for Contact Center Success

Part 2 of Expert Interview Series

Blocking and tackling. It’s a football term that refers to the unglamorous roles played by those on the offensive and defensive lines, but which are critically important to the success of the team. Read More>>

4. Site Selection

Choosing Call Center Locations: Quality Over Cost Deciding Factor Says New Report

Jason Sterns, VP, Business Development

The call center industry continues to expand globally as companies seek to balance labor availability, labor costs, geopolitical stability, and business climate. Read More>>

5. Lead Generation

Critical Factors in Outbound Lead Generation Success, Part 1: Agents

Marilyn Soares, VP, Client Services

First post of a 3-part series addressing factors that contribute to outbound lead generation and customer acquisition success. Read More>>

6. Quality Improvement

From Checklists to Competencies: Transforming Quality in the Contact Center

Part 1 of Expert Interview Series

Providing better customer experiences should be every contact center’s number one concern, especially with customer satisfaction with contact centers in a steady decline. Read More>>

7. Nearshore Outsourcing

Belize Nearshore Outsourcing: Hurricanes Shouldn’t Matter – Quality Should

Scott Newman, CEO

How did Belize fare at the end of the 2019 hurricane season? The country was spared once again, as in recent years, which is typical. Read More>>

8. Contact Center Leadership

7 Keys to Effective Contact Center Team Leadership

Scott Newman, CEO

If you’re genuinely passionate about making your contact center team successful, master these seven keys and you will unlock the door to effective team leadership. Read More>>

9. Customer Experience

How Call Centers Can Help Close the Customer Experience Gap in 2019

Jason Sterns, VP of Business Development

U.S. brands are out of touch with their customers’ needs. The result is a “dangerous gap” in consumers’ sense of emotional engagement, connection, and loyalty. Read More>>

10. Agent Training

Training for Behaviors (Not Metrics) Key to Agent Success

Pat Ricken, Director of Training, QA, and Leadership Development

How the training department goes about achieving that goal is simple: We train on behaviors, not metrics. Read More>>