Positive Economic Impact

We’re about more than just profit.

Transparent BPO is committed to making a difference in the lives of our employees, communities, and the countries where we’re located.

One of Transparent BPO’s core values is Community — giving back to and making a difference in the lives of our employees and our communities. All our business decisions demonstrate social responsibility and are fueled by the desire to exert a positive influence wherever we have a footprint.

Evidence of that commitment includes:

We treat our employees are like family.

One reason we put such emphasis on giving back is that Belize is an extremely family-oriented culture and that extends to our company — our employees are like family and we treat them as such.

When an employee or their family member suffers an unfortunate incident, such as a serious illness or house fire, our employees raise a significant amount of money. Transparent BPO then matches (or even provides 2X) the funds to support that employee in need.

But we don’t stop there. Our overarching aim is to impact the economy of the countries where we are located.

That’s why, after just ten years, we are one of the top three largest employers in Belize. The impact is far-reaching. 

Transparent BPO has injected millions of dollars into the economy with payroll taxes and provided thousands of well-paying jobs to Belizean citizens over the years as well.

Whether an employee stays with us for a long time — several have been with us since we opened the doors in 2009 — or just a short period, they come away with vital skills they can take to any future job in Belize, including management, human resources, training, and computer skills, to name a few.

One result of our commitment to community is brand recognition.

Mention Transparent BPO to anyone when you visit, from airport personnel to restaurant staff to people on the street, and you’ll quickly realize how highly Belizeans regard our company. You’ll also find that it’s not unusual for that person to say he or she has a friend or relative who works for us!

Another result of our commitment to employees is that Belizeans covet Transparent BPO job opportunities. We are overrun with applicants each time we host a job fair, a fact that enables us to extend our recruiting geography and scale quickly to meet any client’s needs.  

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