The Ultimate Contact Center Site Visit Guide

Navigate your site visit effectively for an insightful experience

The digital age has exponentially expanded outsourcing options. It’s paramount to find a contact center in sync with your company’s ethos. A site visit is a golden opportunity to witness firsthand the reality behind marketing pitches.

While preliminary steps like researching, discussing with management, website reviews, and obtaining proposals give you a basic grasp, a site visit offers a deeper dive. Yes, it’s an investment of time and resources, but think of the invaluable customer trust you’re placing in the chosen company.

The Problem with Site Visits

Of course, the problem with site visits is that you must sort through the “dog and pony show” to get a feel for what the contact center delivers.

Contact center company executives and salespeople love selling their business but what they sell may not be in keeping with the reality of what’s happening on the floor. You need to spend time with “boots on the ground” to get an accurate picture.  Where the sales presentation was intended to justify a site visit, the actual site visit is your chance to validate that what you were sold is actually being done.

That’s what this guide is designed to do: Give you the essential information you need to make an informed decision regarding site selection. Using it, you will know exactly what to look for to have the most productive visit possible.

1. Before You Leave

Preparation is Key: Start by setting an agenda with the management team. Often, a client will dictate the initial draft of the site visit agenda.  While this works to communicate the critical items the client wants to cover, you may be leaving out important pieces the contact center would offer up. 

2. Arriving at the Airport & Heading to the Site

First Impressions Count: The airport pickup often sets the tone. Your ride to the center is a great time for a casual conversation.

3. Arriving at the Site

First Glance Matters: Observe the surroundings, building condition, and reception.

4. Assess the Workforce

Engagement is Key: Gauge the mood and engagement level of the employees.

5. Allocate Time for Focus Groups

Deepen Employee Insights: Schedule private, informal focus groups with agents.

6. Meet with Management

Leadership’s Role is Pivotal: Their vision and capabilities will greatly affect your collaboration.

7. Ask About Attrition

Attrition Speaks Volumes: Understand the why’s and how’s of employee turnover.

8. Inquire About Recruiting and Hiring

Building a Strong Team: The quality of the hiring process often mirrors the quality of service.

9. Observe the Facility

The Working Environment: Physical surroundings affect employee morale and productivity.

10. Check for Security Protocols

Security is Non-Negotiable: Ensure that both data and physical security measures are robust.

11. Get the Take on Technology

Tech Backbone: A strong tech infrastructure is crucial for efficient operations.

12. Spend Time Away from the Contact Center

Cultural Insight: Understanding local culture can provide insights into potential workforce behavior. This is often one of the most overlooked areas of a site visit.  Any good contact center can stage a site visit, but they cannot control the surroundings. Find at least a little time to visit with locals around your hotel and gauge the overall sense of the culture.

13. Reflect on Your Overall Impression

Final Thoughts: Before leaving, take a moment to gather your thoughts.

Remember, a site visit is an invaluable opportunity to gather insights that can’t be discerned remotely. Approach it with an open mind, prepared questions, and a keen eye for observation.

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