The Surprisingly Best Workplace for 2022 (So far)

05 October, 2022



Transparent BPO Profiles the Leading Candidate This Year  

By Steve DiBari, VP Operations, Transparent BPO

The workplace today is unrecognizable.

For decades, workplaces experienced minor changes and occasionally flirted with seismic shifts. And then the pandemic arrived, and all bets were off. Since then, we’ve had ‘The Great Resignation’ only to be outdone by ‘Quiet Quitting.’

With so much change on the horizon, we’ve done our research and reviewed the latest trends to identify the leading candidate for the Best Workplace for 2022. This workplace boasts key qualities we all look for in a productive and accommodating atmosphere, including:

  • Strong Technology Platform
    • With so many internet providers to choose from, as well as the advent of 5G and fiber optics, connecting to the world is only a click away.
  • Short Commute
    • This location focuses on the work/life balance we all strive for and easily achieves a high ranking.
  • Convenient/desirable location
    • Pick your ideal location – a bustling urban vibe close to clubs and restaurants, a convenient suburban landscape close to schools or a more bucolic rural setting with rolling hills, lakes and pastures. Where are you most productive and able to tap into your ‘best self?
  • Familiar & comfortable surroundings
    • No one likes a sterile workplace with fluorescent lighting and impersonal wall art. You can customize your workplace with a comfortable couch, an ergonomic desk chair or a variety of plants. You can select from a wide range of options to convey comfort and familiarity.
  • Family atmosphere
    • Friendly, warm and supportive people always make your job easier. They remind us every day what is important and keep us grounded.
  • Pet Friendly
    •  A recent internet meme claimed that on any single day, about 7,000 dogs are accompanying their human companions to work at Amazon’s head office. Your pooch, parrot, piranha or purring feline friend is welcomed here.
  • Customizable entertainment 
    • From Silicon Valley foosball tables, and video games to large screen TVs – there is no limit on the options to give you a well-deserved distraction during a stressful project or looming deadline.
  • Fully stocked kitchen
    • The mind can’t perform when the body is depleted. Staying hydrated with flavored water or munching on healthy snacks to nutritious meals are all available at your discretion. The options are endless.
  • In-house Happy Hour
    • Sometimes creativity needs a boost or maybe a well-deserved cocktail is in order after a long day. Either way, a fully stocked bar., wine cellar, or cooler filled with your favorite craft beer are only steps away.

If you hadn’t guessed, we’ve found the Best Workplace for 2022 (so far) is – Your Home.

Millions of people are opting for their version of the home office – whether it’s a picnic table or a kitchen table – employees feel most comfortable working from their homes. Employers are finding in-office perks such as Taco Tuesdays or Formal Fridays aren’t enticing people back to the office      

We get it at Transparent BPO. That’s why we, in part, let our agents enjoy the benefits of working from home with our WorkSecure Suite™ and when client’s business requires additional flexibility. This remote work model also drives uncompromised work-from-home capabilities that ensure security, compliance and quality.

With employees balking at returning to the office, we’ve embraced a Hub & Home model where employees can easily work from their homes while being connected to their teams. The WorkSecure Suite™ ensures agents working outside traditional facilities are just as effective as they would be working in a customer care center.

In 2022, the home office was never so popular.