Employee Leadership Development

We turn agents into Rising★’s

Many BPOs place little time or value in developing agents into future leaders. That’s not the case at Transparent BPO. Agents on all programs have an opportunity to advance to the level of their leadership potential.

Nothing is more important to the ongoing success of a contact center than its ability to identify and develop tomorrow’s leaders — today.

Too often, contact centers fail to plan far enough ahead to identify and develop potential leaders. The lack of planning compounds one mistake with another — putting people in roles for which they are unprepared. That’s why the number one priority at Transparent BPO is to create leadership paths for potential leaders, from team leads to operations managers to site directors.

When it comes to leadership development, many BPOs make two very common mistakes:

It’s not unusual for a BPO to put its best floor leadership in a new program, to ensure the optimal chance for success. (The reverse also happens — a new program gets the most junior leader at the outset.) While that works in the beginning, the BPO will eventually move that leader or leadership team to the next new program and replace them with leaders who are either not well trained or lack the skills and aptitudes required to be successful in a management position.

Take the best agent on a program and promote him or her to a management position without either a selection process or methodology for providing the person with the right skillset.

That’s not how we do leadership development at Transparent BPO. Enter “Rising Stars.”

Rising Stars Leadership Development

At Transparent BPO, we know nothing is more important to the ongoing success of a contact center than its ability to identify and develop tomorrow’s leaders — today.

That’s why, two years ago, we developed a program called “Rising Stars” that generates a continuous pipeline of emerging leaders, trained and ready to step into programs as they grow or as new opportunities become available.

We began Rising Stars to recognize the personal investment our employees make in the success of the business every day and to encourage and incentivize growth for those who want to make working in the contact center industry a career.

To date, a total of 60 agents have graduated from the program, 95 percent have already been promoted into positions of greater responsibility — operations managers, team leaders, quality assurance managers, trainers, and mentors. Another 43 agents will enter the program this year.

Rising Stars class

What makes these Rising Stars special?

They are…

  • The cream of the crop. Only a select group gets invited into the program each year. They have to be referred to be eligible (only 10 were chosen out of 77 in the last nomination cycle);
  • Super dedicated. They meet for class and do the work only on weekends and evenings;
  • Award winners. A high percentage receive company awards each year based on performance. Some have also been selected as ICMI Contact Center Award finalists.

“Rising Stars” are those who do the right things every day, helping others who struggle, stepping in to provide support, taking on extra work… even before they wear a badge that says “Leader.” Our goal was to give them the tools, skills, and confidence to move successfully ahead into that role.

Pat Ricken, Director of Leadership Development

Leaders are in the pipeline, ready to help you achieve program success.

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