Call Center Platform


The Call Center Management System (CCMS) provides all functionality necessary to run the day to day operations of our client call campaigns at Transparent BPO. It provides both the management team and the client complete visibility into the performance of the campaign in as close to real-time as possible. This fully custom built application allows us to adapt and change quickly to client requests and requirements.

Remote Supervising

Some of our clients want us to manage the ins-and-outs of their campaign using our expertise where others want to have their finger on the pulse at all times. Many call centers would be hesitant to this idea, but at Transparent BPO, we believe no one understands your campaigns like you! A successful campaign is a team effort.

With our remote supervising terminal, our Team Leaders can listen to the calls being handled in real-time, chat with the agents, barge into conversations and even whisper to the agent. This supervising terminal is easily accessible via Google Chrome and any computer headset will allow them to take control of your calls at any time. All Team Leaders have both a desktop computer with dual monitors and a tablet that hosts the remote supervising application so they can walk the floor and monitor calls from any location.


In addition, through this same remote supervising terminal, our client’s can monitor the calls remotely from any location. Again, this is accessible through Google Chrome.

Operations System

The key to a successful operations system is to keep the agents focused and allow management to have unlimited access to real-time reporting so they can adapt quickly to trends. With Transparent BPO’s operations system, we achieve this in a few ways:

  • Agent Focus
    On many technology platforms built on Windows, agents have the ability to get to the Internet and often are distracted from the campaign objectives. With Transparent BPO’s platform, which is built on Linux (but works on Windows) and locked inside of a custom application, the outside distractions are eliminated. The agent stays focused on the task at hand.
  • Real-Time Reporting
    Management and supervisors have access to a variety of reports that are relevant to their particular campaign. Some of the reports include dialing statistics, lead management, call wait and talk times, agent dispositions, conversion metrics, calls in queue, and media reporting.

Agent Feedback

Too often agents under-perform simply because they “didn’t know they weren’t performing.” This is a mistake far too many call centers make; they don’t make the statistics available for the agents. The main goal of our center is to make sure the agents are aware of their performance at all times. This is achieved by our agent dashboard statistics. ¬†Whenever an agent is not on a call, they see their daily statistics. There will never be a point where they don’t know how they are performing that day.

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