IT Overview

When Transparent BPO was founded, we wanted to accomplish one thing; we wanted to be flexible and responsive to our client’s needs. There are many great technology solutions out on the market today, but in order to offer the flexibility we wanted, we developed everything in-house.

Transparent BPO’s entire operation is hosted on a custom solution, giving us a strategic advantage:

  • Transparency

    With a custom solution, our clients have a direct view into their calls being handled in real time. This allows them to have as much or as little involvement as they wish.

  • Reporting

    Our clients aren’t bound to the standardized reports that are available from other technology platforms. We have the ability to build customized reports for our clients that can be delivered automatically by email.

  • Call Control

    Some campaigns require intelligent agent call routing based on various statistics and/or customer information. With our custom solution, we have the ability to program and test ideas and concepts that our clients have on incoming calls.

  • Lead Management

    Leads are expensive and have to be treated as valuable resources. On many call center platforms, when a new lead list is ready to be loaded, dialing must be stopped, the lead list scrubbed and loaded, and then dialing may begin again. With our technology platform, leads can be loaded at any time without dialing interruption and can be prioritized in any way. This allows us to maximize your leads list.