Inbound Voice


Marketing these days is more expensive than ever. At Transparent BPO, we recognize the enormous cost with driving calls, and we’re here to help you capitalize on every call possible. Whether your company needs superior customer service, an aggressive sales team, or a technical helpdesk, Transparent BPO has the talent you need. With our in depth training and management system, we can ensure our team meets your team’s expectations. We offer a variety of inbound voice services.

  • Customer Service

    Even with the most impressive sales campaign, a company is known by its level of customer service. We provide on-site training and real-time monitoring of your customer’s calls to ensure the highest level of customer service. Our agents have your customer’s best interest in mind. Our agents are also trained to up-sell your current customers with your product packages.

  • Sales

    You don’t need another company just to answer your calls; you want them to convert them into sales! With years of sales management experience, this is really our core competency. No matter what product or service, we’ll meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Order Placement

    Do you have a unique product that doesn’t require real sales but more order taking? We’ll make sure your customer’s information is gathered quickly and accurately and delivered to you in a timely fashion. And of course, all of our data are securely stored so we can ensure your customer’s confidentiality.

  • Repair Order Processing

    All companies make mistakes but what sets them apart is their response. We can take your calls and set up a return process. Our custom application development can send your customer’s a return label while they’re on the phone.

  • Billing Disputes

    Billing disputes can escalate at times. Having an agent that knows how to relate to your customer and ease the situation is critical to superior service. No matter what the issue, Transparent can help your customer find the correct solution.

  • Appointment Settings

    With salaries, health insurance and other benefits, management and training, a $9 an hour job can cost an employer upwards of $20 when everything is factored in. That’s why more offices are outsourcing their appointment setting. We can integrate with your current systems and take your inbound calls to schedule your client’s next visit. So whether you’re a doctor’s, dentist, contractor or independent sales agent, give us a call!

  • IT Help Desk

    IT support can be one of the most challenging jobs to handle. We have a highly talented team of technical consultants at your disposal to help your customers with their needs. No task is too difficult, give us a call today!