Transparent BPO is unlike any other call center because we are results driven. Too often, call centers develop an attitude of “we’re getting paid hourly to answer the phones.” At Transparent, we’re not happy until you’re happy.

When trying to decide on a call center, pay attention to three very important things:

  • What is their responsiveness?
    A call center’s responsiveness and professionalism right out of the gate foreshadows the experience you’ll get when you contract with them.
  • Can they really deliver on what they say they can?
    They may promise you the world in custom technology, integration and performance, but can they really deliver when the time comes?
  • How ‘Transparent’ are they?
    Don’t grasp for information. If they don’t provide you with what you need without jumping through hoops, there’s a reason.

To ensure your satisfaction, we want to understand your needs and requirements completely. To make the process as easy as possible from inquiry to program launch, we’ve developed an integration plan.

  • Consulting Phase: We won’t waste your time! You’ll speak directly with our CEO, IT Team, Director of Operations, and Training Manager as soon as we gather basic information. We’ll discuss your technical requirements, expectations and agent profile you require.
  • Proposal Phase: With the information we’ve gathered from our meeting, we’ll put together a plan from integration to recruiting and management and provide it to you for review. You’ll have the opportunity to change anything you wish.
  • Acceptance: If you like what you see, we’ll contract and begin the process.